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Excellent "BIG" service on my Jag again today , plus some remedial work . Its a great joy to use this company for peace of mind & customer satisfaction . Many thanks .
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Available Service Types and Pricing

We offer you TWO options. We have three simple menu priced servicing schedules from our partner BOSCH ,these pretty much cover any dealer service and more with the level of actual work that is carried out by us, OR we will happily follow the exact service schedule laid out by your Manufacturer. As these vary so much from model to model, we are unable to produce a menu price to publish, so we will need to get back to you after your enquiry. Simply call with your registration to start the process. It would be helpful if you know your service history here so we can identify what is due.

PLEASE NOTE- ALL BOSCH SERVICE MENU PRICES INCLUDE 4 LITRES OF CORRECT GRADE MOTOR OIL- additional over will be charged currently at £8.95 plus vat a litre.

Please call us to clarify your own car.

Gold Service from £300 - £420 (Depending on size of car and filters used)

** Includes 4 litres of oil. Surcharge is charged if over per litre.**


OUR BIGGEST SERVICE THAT WE CAN DO - a comprehensive service covering everything included in the Silver Service PLUS THE ADDITION OF - Pollen filter/ fuel filter / spark plugs (if fitted to the car and can be changed )

Silver Service from £249 - £300 (Depending on size of car)

** Includes 4 litres of oil. Surcharge is charged if over per litre.**


A comprehensive service with 49 checks. We remove all road wheels , strip, clean and check all your brakes with a full measurement report on discs and pads. This service typically covers and does more than pretty much any main dealer service. It pretty much covers all major items, battery, air conditioning , all levels are checked and is very comprehensive.

Bronze Service from £150 inc. VAT


This service covers 31 checks including an oil and filter change and a general health check of the main components on your car.


You can BESPOKE any of our services so if you wish to have ADDITIONAL FILTERS CHANGED WE CAN PRICE THAT FOR YOU.

Typical additional items on services that people request are - BRAKE FLUID CHANGE / COOLANT CHANGE / FUEL ADDITIVE / AIR CONDITIONING RECHARGE , so if you want to carry out any of these please just mention when you book.

  • Labour rate - £78 per hour
  • Tracking - £40
  • Coolant Change - £36
  • Brake Fluid - £50

Why choose Shire Cars for your service?

We at Shire Cars will always aim to provide you with a competitive service price, partnered with BOSCH CAR SERVICE, we deliver a guaranteed level of service which we believe is second to none.

Shire Cars are thorough and meticulous on all our services, we also use the very latest diagnostic equipment to help fault find, isolate and correct any mechanical or electrical problems your car maybe experiencing.

Other factors to consider when using Shire Cars for all your servicing needs:

  • We use premium quality oils, parts and components
  • Sensible pricing - regular price checks
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment- BOSCH
  • Well established local company offering high quality services
  • Peace of mind and an HONEST SERVICE
  • Watch us at work – an opportunity to view or watch any work carried out on your car
  • Reliability – we have a loyal customer base.
  • 3 levels of Menu service to ensure you only pay for what you need each time at a fixed price.


Any form of complaint will be dealt with in the correct manner. We have a set procedure to accomplish a satisfactory outcome if needed.

Does my car need servicing every year? I only do a few thousand miles

Most cars need servicing on either an annual basis, or every 10,000 miles. Some cars have a longer life and only need servicing every 2 years (or up to 20,000 miles), but typically these cars have a higher servicing cost as a result. To be sure which of these situations applies to your car, it is best to check your service book – or if in doubt then please ask us and we will be happy to help.

Regardless, all cars benefit from being serviced – fresh oil keeps things running smoother, and our advice would always be change the oil every year/ 10,000 miles regardless, and performance cars really benefit from every 6000 miles. Our own high performance diesel cars have proven to run much nicer with a very regular oil change. Whilst we understand this is a cost issue, IF you intend to keep your car long term this is well worth considering. So it is advised to do an annual oil change as a minimum.

If a car is not used very much then it is actually more important to service the car. Although air and pollen filters may not need changing as regularly, not using the car can cause other problems such as oil degrading and gumming up the engine .

SO our advise is to service your car every year. See our menu price BOSCH service list for the most suitable for you.

I have a manufactures' warranty on my car, do I have to use a main dealer to service my car?


We are a Bosch Car Care Service Centre and as such are recognised as able to service any make of car. Today you do not need to take your car to a main dealer to maintain ANY WARRANTY. We will happily service your car to the manufacturers schedule EXACTLY and also use without exception the correct oils and filters for the car.

Please ask for a quote , all you need to do is give is a call with your registration number.

I have a warning light on my dash which stays on, what should I do?

Most cars now have an assortment of lights to warn you if there is a fault, but some lights indicate duplicate faults so it is not always clear what is wrong with the car. If a light appears then first consult your car manual, but if you are unsure then it is best to get it looked at asap as you may be doing harm to the car by driving it (this can prove costly).

You will normally be charged around £40 to diagnose a fault (in comparison a main dealer will charge you up to £100).

I have been advised I need to change my brake fluid and anti freeze every 2 years - why?

This is something that manufacturers recommend – possibly as a protection mechanism so that if anything goes wrong any liability can be dismissed if you haven't done this (both have a big impact on the major parts of the car). We use RED antifreeze which has a life span of five years, but rather contradictorily you are still supposed to change it every two years – draw your own conclusion!

The truth is that both the antifreeze and the brake fluid's ability to protect the car's engine and braking system will diminish as it ages. Most things wear out so it is not surprising that this also requires renewal - the brake fluid especially absorbs water over time which impedes its ability to do its job.

Our advice would be to do as the manufacturer recommends in order to protect yourself. LOOK OUT FOR OUR SPECIAL OFFERS ON THESE ITEMS.

I work long / difficult hours, can I still get my service done by you?

We are very flexible and will always do our best to work around your needs. We work six days a week and you are able to leave your car with us for a few days if necessary – we also offer a very limited loan car service so you can borrow one of our cars during the day. There is a public house over the road where you could have something to eat, combining lunch with the service, or hold a necessary meetings. If you have a window of only two hours then we can do your service during that time.

Saturday servicing and MOTs are also available – you can even drop off your car the previous evening if this makes it easier for you the next day.

Whatever your situation it is best to ring us and we can work around you.

My Air Conditioning does not seem as cold as it was, what do I need to do?

Air conditioning units will naturally loose gas over a period of time - most cars will retain enough gas to stay a little cold but after around 3 years the car will see a huge benefit from having a service.

Why do it ?? - It is not a very well understood system Air Conditioning, not only does it give you cold air when it is warm, it drys the air coming into the car and EITHER heats the air or chills it. Obviously we all know cold when it is hot is very welcome, BUT in the WINTER , the air is provided warm and dry to the cabin. It also removes water from inside the car , so that's why when its damp and cold, an AIR CONDITIONED car massively improves how quickly your car DEMISTS , which we all know is and can be a pain in the morning. SO IN SHORT- leave your A/C running/ turned on all year, and make sure it is serviced.


Most people assume that all that is required is new gas but there are also a number of seals in the pipes that need to be kept oiled so they maintain their flexibility and do not leak. It is far more expensive to replace the pipes and seals than to maintain the system so we recommend a regular service.

During a service the machine injects around 10cc of oil on average, which will maintain these seals. The process also checks the integrity of the system by holding it under a vacuum at a higher level than it operates in normal conditions - this will advise us if there are any issues prior to refilling with the correct amount of gas.

So do not put up with an ineffective system; call us to book an appointment to transform your car.

This type of service takes around an hour and can be performed while you wait - LOOK OUT FOR OUR SPECIAL OFFERS ON THIS SERVICE

When will my my brakes need attention? How will I know they need replacing?


Most modern cars have brake wear sensors fitted to the vehicle these will light up a warning lamp on your dashboard to let you know. Quite a few older cars do not have these and therefore the best way to check their condition is to have them routinely inspected by your favoured garage; if you are unsure of what you are being told try somewhere else. The obvious signs of something being wrong are a grinding noise, squealing, or juddering from the steering wheel when applying the brakes.

Replacement of your brakes is one of the biggest grey areas we have. The correct course of action is to measure the disc's using a micrometer, this provides the thickness of the remaining metal on the disc, we then look up your car in a directory called Auto data (pc form or book) which provides the minimum allowed wear before fitting new brake pads. If there is too little metal we will need to replace the discs as well as the pads.

For brake pads the thickness depends on the car, but generally they measure between 12-14mm. How long they last depends on your driving type and style - it figures lots of motorway driving will extend their life as you will need to brake less. BMW genuine pads usually last between 25-35,000 miles whereas some cheap pads will only last 10,000 miles so cost rears its head again. You make the choice – pay a little, last a little! CALL US TO GET A QUOTE ON YOUR CAR